MPH Racing Team

Miles Hewitt

Miles Hewitt is a 15-year-old karting sensation from the US who started his racing career at the age of four, inspired by his older brother’s karting success. Miles began participating in national racing at a young age and was a promising driver until he broke his arm at the age of eight, taking an extended break from racing. After losing interest in racing, Miles rediscovered his love for karting while helping record a friend’s documentary about his racing career. He convinced his father to let him try karting again and made his comeback in the Florida Winter Tour with RokCupUSA. Miles’ inspiring journey and love for racing make him a driver to watch out for in the future.

Max Hewitt

Max Hewitt, an emerging racing driver from the US, has been making waves in the racing world since the age of 5. After taking a three-year break from racing to focus on his studies at Baylor University, Max (21 years old) made a remarkable return to the track, debuting his first season in the highly competitive FR Americas Championship. Max’s impressive resume includes being a SKUSA Pro Tour Vice Champion, a multi-time Texas Pro Kart Challenge Champion, and representing Team USA karting twice in 2018 and 2019. He has also driven for renowned karting teams, where he has found most of his success, like Compkart, formerly J3 Competition, and CRG NordAM. Max’s remarkable skills and accomplishments make him a rising star to watch out for in the world of racing.

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Meet MPH Racing Team: The Hewitt Brothers' Road to Glory

MPH Racing Team is a family-run business dedicated to supporting two talented drivers, Max and Miles Hewitt, on their quest to make it to the professional racing leagues. As a marketing business, MPH Racing Team helps to promote the brothers' individual talents and attract sponsorships from like-minded businesses.

Empowering Young Drivers to Reach Their Dream

At MPH Racing Team, we believe in the power of teamwork and dedication to achieve success. That's why we're committed to providing Max and Miles with the support they need to hone their skills and make their dreams a reality. Whether it's through strategic marketing or personal coaching, we're here to help our drivers reach their full potential.

Join Us on the Journey to Victory

As an LLC, MPH Racing Team is always on the lookout for potential partners and sponsors who share our passion for racing and dedication to excellence. If you're looking to support young talent and be a part of something truly special, join us on the journey to victory with Max and Miles Hewitt and the MPH Racing Team.